About Stelian Onufrei

Stelian Onufrei is a life-long Republican with conservative values. He is a proud first generation American and Orange County small business owner.  He is a dedicated husband and father.  His unique story brings a fresh perspective to public service and combined with his work ethic and love for America gives Washington D.C. exactly the medicine it needs.


Stelian’s success is simply a compilation of effort, determination, sacrifice, and timing. His story began in communist Romania and until the age of 19 was more or less a series of failed escape attempts, persecution, and oppression. Growing up under a communist regime showed him how dangerous government can become if people fail to keep it in check. However, by the grace of God, he was able to escape and make his way to freedom in America.

His beginnings in this great country were truly humble as he arrived with nothing to his name. He spent the first couple of months homeless, sleeping on the street, brushing his teeth at a local McDonald’s, and showering at a gym where the manager showed him compassion. All this occurred while he slowly saved up money working multiple jobs in order to secure himself a place to live.


One of his first jobs was in construction where he learned the trade that would propel him to success. He constantly asked questions, sought to learn how things were done, and rapidly acquired the knowledge to start his own business.

Shortly after arriving in the United States, Stelian started his first business installing solar heaters. He built a reputation for hard work and quality allowing his business to quickly grow. A year and half after starting his solar installation business he moved into the residential construction business. Once again, his business grew quickly and soon he was working on large track home and government projects. This growth brought new challenges and obstacles which he was forced to overcome. The experience of running a large successful business, employing numerous individuals, and dealing with overbearing government regulation has given Stelian invaluable knowledge of what is needed to make America work for people once again.


Stelian currently resides in Huntington Beach with his wife, Marcela, and son Stelian Jr. He has called Orange County home for over 25 years and looks forward to bringing much needed change to the capital. Congress has need of people like Stelian, who are not beholden to established institutions that care little for the welfare of others. Most politicians in Washington D.C. today care more about their special interest friends, re-elections, and major donors than they do about the people they represent. This must change and it can only happen by electing new courageous leaders that will rock the boat from day one in congress.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress