Dana Rohrabacher an Ally of Russia

This video portrays a disturbing truth about what Representative Dana Rohrabacher
confides in his inner circle.


Rohrabacher has not even attempted to deny the statements made by his good friend Steven Seagal, but in fact reaffirms them any chance he gets. Perhaps he should speak to the millions of people in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, or even the United State of America that suffered through the very real Cold War. It was not a fantasy or a hoax, it was a terrible time in human history that seems to be coming around once again. The Russia of today is the USSR of yesterday with a democratic “facelift” and nothing more. Putin exercises complete control of Russia and his intentions are very clear. He opposes the United States and our allies in NATO, he wants to reclaim “stolen” land in Ukraine and other neighboring countries, and he is reestablishing Russia’s military to face coming conflicts and power struggles.

Perhaps after 30 years in office and very little to show, Dana Rohrabacher has in fact completed his work in Congress and the time has come for We The People to send a new representative who aligns with American values and not Russian values.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress