Economic Reform

We need an economy for the 21st century.  The market is quickly changing and the jobs of the future are here today.  Unless we develop a strong workforce to deal with the future demand, our economy will suffer and in turn so will each and every one of us.  

As manufacturing techniques quickly advance, we can bring jobs back home if we push polices that will make us the high-tech manufacturing hub of the world. We must reform our tax code to make “Made in America” competitive around the world. As states like Hawaii begin to explore paying people just because they are alive, we have to develop solutions to actually create jobs before ill-conceived ideas bankrupt us all.

Our economy is undergoing a fundamental change with the rapid development of new technology and globalization of markets. We must begin to adapt in order to maintain our global strength. For too long other countries have been taking advantage of us with bad trade agreements; however, the blame is not solely theirs. Our own American companies have been moving jobs abroad while "lobbying" our lawmakers for favorable legislation helping them maximize profits. We need to return economic power back to the middle class and make sure that Americans can secure good paying jobs. The American dream must not be sold off one piece of bad legislation at a time. 

An even more disturbing reality is the corporate welfare program known as the Import Export Bank. This federal entity basically buys products for foreign companies using American taxpayer dollars and gives these companies extremely favorable terms. For example, Boeing sells $1 billion worth of planes to a Chinese company. The Chinese company pays $0 for these planes up front because the Import Export Bank uses American tax dollars to pay Boeing for the planes and then gives the Chinese company a very low interest rate loan. In this transaction Boeing makes a ton of money, the Chinese company will make a ton of money thanks to new planes we paid for, and the American people are left will all the risk and exposure. This is criminal! Especially considering how hard it is for an American small business to get a loan to do anything. Then if they do manage to obtain a loan the interest rate is ridiculous. Yet we are giving money away to foreign corporations in order to subsidize Boeings profit margins. 10 companies received 60% of the money from the Import Export Bank. Thanks once again to corrupt politicians in Washington that care more about special interests than the American people!

We need elected officials that will represent the interests of Americans and stop the corruption, greed, and self-serving interests of Washington DC politicians. Let us return competition to the markets, power to small business, and end the corporate welfare programs that take advantage of the American people.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress