Educational Reform

Our education system is simply failing future generations.  We keep throwing more and more money at the problem, but it seems to only get worse.  It is time we make some necessary changes to help bring education back to the American standard of world leading. 

Local control of the education system is a first step in helping to fix the problems plaguing our schools. Washington D.C. does not understand the needs of local communities and thus should not be making policy regarding the curriculum to be taught. No matter how much money they spend the problem cannot be fixed by a bigger and more centralized government. Local leaders must be given the authority and funding to make educational decisions. Then they must be held accountable for the results they achieve or fail to achieve. It is easier to change a local elected body than the bureaucratic machine of Washington DC. 

America must also encourage vocational schools and job specific skills. After all, not everyone can be a liberal arts major or obtain a degree in interpretive dance. College is not the answer for everyone and with the skyrocketing cost of attending a university today it becomes clear that other alternatives must exist. Some individuals have skills that would be of further benefit to specific industries where practical application is needed far more than a theoretical approach. When you consider the financial burden that college is today with the job market that currently exists, a grim picture emerges for future graduates who will be paying school loans for decades to come. America needs educational reform and it begins with leaders in Washington D.C. taking a bold stand for values that have guided us for centuries, but seem to have been lost in the previous few decades.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress