Medical marijuana is legal or partially legal in 18 states as of 2012. Research shows that medical marijuana alleviates symptoms associated with glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and numerous mental diseases. While medical marijuana has a legitimate place in some aspects of society, recreational marijuana should not be implemented nationwide.

Drug use is immoral and drugs poison our youth and our society. Studies show that marijuana can indeed be a gateway drug to narcotics and cocaine usage. Over 20% of all drug felonies are due to drug trafficking. I believes that we should fight the Drug War using all reasonable means. Drug use is wrong on principle and there are positive practical effects of reduced drug use. Recreational marijuana use should not be allowed in America. Stelian believes in these policies:

  1. Intervening and Healing America’s Drug Users
  2. Disrupting the Market for Illicit Drugs
  3. Expanding drug prevention and drug treatment
  4. Establishing ‘drug courts’ and fighting drug legalization
  5. Increasing border shielding to prevent the trafficking of drugs
Stelian Onufrei for Congress