We need an economy for the 21st century.  The market is quickly changing and the jobs of the future are here today.  Unless we develop a strong workforce to deal with the future demand, our economy will suffer and in turn so will each and every one of us.  

As manufacturing techniques quickly advance, we can bring jobs back home if we push polices that will make us the high-tech manufacturing hub of the world. We must reform our tax code to make “Made in America” competitive around the world. As states like Hawaii begin to explore paying people just because they are alive, we have to develop solutions to actually create jobs before ill-conceived ideas bankrupt us all.

Our economy is undergoing a fundamental change with the rapid development of new technology and globalization of markets. We must begin to adapt in order to maintain our global strength. For too long other countries have been taking advantage of us with bad trade agreements; however, the blame is not solely theirs. Our own American companies have been moving jobs abroad while "lobbying" our lawmakers for favorable legislation helping them maximize profits. We need to return economic power back to the middle class and make sure that Americans can secure good paying jobs. The American dream must not be sold off one piece of bad legislation at a time. 

An even more disturbing reality is the corporate welfare program known as the Import Export Bank. This federal entity basically buys products for foreign companies using American taxpayer dollars and gives these companies extremely favorable terms. For example, Boeing sells $1 billion worth of planes to a Chinese company. The Chinese company pays $0 for these planes up front because the Import Export Bank uses American tax dollars to pay Boeing for the planes and then gives the Chinese company a very low interest rate loan. In this transaction Boeing makes a ton of money, the Chinese company will make a ton of money thanks to new planes we paid for, and the American people are left will all the risk and exposure. This is criminal! Especially considering how hard it is for an American small business to get a loan to do anything. Then if they do manage to obtain a loan the interest rate is ridiculous. Yet we are giving money away to foreign corporations in order to subsidize Boeings profit margins. 10 companies received 60% of the money from the Import Export Bank. Thanks once again to corrupt politicians in Washington that care more about special interests than the American people!

We need elected officials that will represent the interests of Americans and stop the corruption, greed, and self-serving interests of Washington DC politicians. Let us return competition to the markets, power to small business, and end the corporate welfare programs that take advantage of the American people.

Firstly, America will continue to lose in the global economy until we reform our tax code to be competitive globally.  We must change the tax code that incentivizes companies to move overseas, taking jobs and American wealth with them. Additionally, loopholes must be closed that allow the highest earning companies to pay the least amount of taxes. A fair system must be developed, otherwise taxes will continue to rise choking the middle class out of existence. The middle class will bear the brunt of the tax burden and America will become a two-class society comprised of those few that are rich and the rest that are poor. This is the eventuality of socialism and unless we fix the disparity in our tax system, it will become an imminent reality. 

Secondly, we must simplify the tax code so that everyday Americans no longer fear doing their taxes.  An inordinate amount of money and time is spent every year just filing taxes. We need to make filing your taxes simple and painless. Simplicity is the key and despite numerous theories about taxation, concepts such as flat taxes are a must if we are to make the tax system work for the people and not special interests.

Today, more than ever before, the freedom to express one’s religious beliefs is under attack. It has become more acceptable today to destroy an unborn life than it is to tell someone that Jesus loves them. I am outraged at the level of hate and contempt that so many display in public toward hardworking, good natured Americans. Merely disagreeing with them is cause for public humiliation and destruction. One cannot express their deeply held personal views for fear of being labeled a bigot, zealot, nut, extremist, and so on.

Restoring our religious freedom beings with repealing the Johnson amendment, that currently restricts the freedom of speech within churches. In its more extreme interpretation, churches today cannot even mention support or opposition for candidates or laws that run contrary to their beliefs for fear of losing their tax-exempt status. This is a flagrant violation of the first amendment, but because it supports a certain ideology it has remained in place for decades. At the very least the amendment needs reform, but we lack leaders with the courage to see this through. 

Additionally, the term "separation of church and state" has history been twisted in such a way as to presume our founding fathers intended state (government) business to be devoid of church or religious ideology. However, this is not the case. In fact, the first amendment simply implies that government should never interfere with religion as had been the case with Great Britain whom our nation fought to break away from. In Great Britain at that time and prior, the government had formed its own church and established rules that the government felt served its best interest. This was what our founding fathers never wanted to allow to happen again and in turn mentioned repeatedly that God was in fact the entity that endowed us with our natural rights.

Many politicians today mean amnesty, open borders, and cheap sources of labor when they talk about “immigration reform”.  These politicians too often put the needs of non-citizens and corporations ahead of US citizens. Real immigration reform will put the needs of American citizens and the United States first and foremost.

Stelian Onufrei understands that immigrants have made America a truly powerful and diverse nation. An immigrant himself, Stelian Onufrei strongly believes that others should be able to pursue the American Dream; however, immigrants must come here legally. A nation without laws is not a nation. All immigrants must come here through the proper channels.

Real immigration reform will put Americans first and will put the American economy first. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans. Stelian Onufrei supports these immigration policies:

1. Nationwide e-verify.

This simple measure will protect jobs for unemployed Americans.

2. Mandatory return of all criminal aliens.

All criminal aliens must be returned to their home counties, a process which can be aided by canceling any visas to foreign countries which will not accept their own criminals.

3. Detention—not catch-and-release.

Illegal aliens apprehended crossing the border must be detained until they are sent home, no more catch-and-release.

4. Enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa.

Millions of people come to the United States each year on temporary visas but often overstay their visa and refuse to leave. For too long there have been no consequences for this national security threat.

5. End welfare abuse.

Applicants for entry to the United States must certify that they are able to pay for their own housing, healthcare and various other needs before coming to U.S.

Our education system is simply failing future generations.  We keep throwing more and more money at the problem, but it seems to only get worse.  It is time we make some necessary changes to help bring education back to the American standard of world leading. 

Local control of the education system is a first step in helping to fix the problems plaguing our schools. Washington D.C. does not understand the needs of local communities and thus should not be making policy regarding the curriculum to be taught. No matter how much money they spend the problem cannot be fixed by a bigger and more centralized government. Local leaders must be given the authority and funding to make educational decisions. Then they must be held accountable for the results they achieve or fail to achieve. It is easier to change a local elected body than the bureaucratic machine of Washington DC. 

America must also encourage vocational schools and job specific skills. After all, not everyone can be a liberal arts major or obtain a degree in interpretive dance. College is not the answer for everyone and with the skyrocketing cost of attending a university today it becomes clear that other alternatives must exist. Some individuals have skills that would be of further benefit to specific industries where practical application is needed far more than a theoretical approach. When you consider the financial burden that college is today with the job market that currently exists, a grim picture emerges for future graduates who will be paying school loans for decades to come. America needs educational reform and it begins with leaders in Washington D.C. taking a bold stand for values that have guided us for centuries, but seem to have been lost in the previous few decades.

One of the greatest lies perpetrated by the liberal left is that America is hated all over the world and we are losing key allies because of our support for the principles of capitalism, liberty, limited government, and patriotism. They promote these lies in order to convince Americans that open borders are better for international relations. That our horribly lopsided trade policies benefit our standing in the world and that supporting an international military run by the United Nations will somehow make this world a safer place. Their goal is simple, they want to give American sovereignty to an organization like the United Nations.

I stand for a strong America. We should never allow our nation’s sovereignty to be traded for the person gain of few. We have been sold out by politicians looking to enrich themselves time and time again; however, I will fight to put an end to that. America needs to continue to show strength to those seeking to destroy us such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others. At the same time we must support our allies and stand by them as they are also threatened. There are forces working tirelessly to weaken our nation as we are the only impediment left to a globalist agenda seeking to gain total control for the elites of this world. America was founded on the principle of individual liberty and cherishes the individual over the collective. It is our choice to come together as a nation of individuals fighting for a common goal of freedom that makes us the strongest nation on earth.

The 2nd Amendment is about more than just safety. It is a right that American’s have had since our country was founded. In addition to safety, the right to bear arms is also about having the freedom to own a weapon, and the independence of being able to protect yourself and your family. There is no question that the 2nd amendment must remain a right in America!

Nobody can argue against the fact that the right to bear arms increases a citizen’s sense of security and ultimately their independence. When we’re at an event or going through the airport and we see a cop with a gun, we feel much safer knowing we’re protected. Everyone also knows that guns increase our sense of security and prevents crime. 

I believe the right to bear arms is a right that should never be taken away from Americans. There are only rare circumstances in which the government should ever intervene. For example, preventing felons or those on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns.

  • Protection from government
  • Tool to preserve all other rights
  • Gun control takes guns out of good people’s hands

One of the single greatest impediments to a responsive government is the unlimited duration that a person can “serve” in that government. In other words, once elected they know barring some medical tragedy or illegal act, they will likely be in that office for a very long time. Something like 98% of incumbents in federal office win re-election. Once a person gets elected they focus more on the social club that has become Washington D.C., than on the representation people elected them for.  We need to implement a reasonable term limit.

Passing a constitutional amendment that would enact term limits for our federal government is a long shot. Most politicians like to make this promise because they know voters like to hear it, but it will almost certainly never happen. This is the way of Washington, makes promises you do not intend to keep or know you cannot keep. Nevertheless, I will fight endlessly to make this a reality. If it cannot happen with the politicians in Washington DC, I will turn to the American people to help make this a reality in order to end the corruption that plagues our nation’s capital.

As technology advances, it has made the ability for outsourcing American jobs easier than ever before. Our government has fallen years behind of these advances, which has had a major impact on American workers and the economy as a whole. We  Having leaders within government who are capable of making sense of the complexities involved in trade is now more important than ever.

With Stelian’s involvement in construction he understands the importance of trade more than anyone. He also realizes that there is a balance between the regulations put on trade while still assuring that the products we receive are safe and meet our high standards.

When it comes to trade, Stelian wants what’s best for the American people. He wants to create policies that encourage companies to keep jobs in the US and to increase our export rate. He also wants to assure that companies can afford to import products that Americans want and need.

Most trade policies today are unevenly balanced against the consumer, and even fewer are in favor of the US as a whole. Stelian believes that most of our trade policies are outdated and need renegotiated. He is confident in his ability to improve trade policies that are designed for the 21st century!

Medical marijuana is legal or partially legal in 18 states as of 2012. Research shows that medical marijuana alleviates symptoms associated with glaucoma, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and numerous mental diseases. While medical marijuana has a legitimate place in some aspects of society, recreational marijuana should not be implemented nationwide.

Drug use is immoral and drugs poison our youth and our society. Studies show that marijuana can indeed be a gateway drug to narcotics and cocaine usage. Over 20% of all drug felonies are due to drug trafficking. I believes that we should fight the Drug War using all reasonable means. Drug use is wrong on principle and there are positive practical effects of reduced drug use. Recreational marijuana use should not be allowed in America. Stelian believes in these policies:

  1. Intervening and Healing America’s Drug Users
  2. Disrupting the Market for Illicit Drugs
  3. Expanding drug prevention and drug treatment
  4. Establishing ‘drug courts’ and fighting drug legalization
  5. Increasing border shielding to prevent the trafficking of drugs
Stelian Onufrei for Congress