Religious Liberty

Today, more than ever before, the freedom to express one’s religious beliefs is under attack. It has become more acceptable today to destroy an unborn life than it is to tell someone that Jesus loves them. I am outraged at the level of hate and contempt that so many display in public toward hardworking, good natured Americans. Merely disagreeing with them is cause for public humiliation and destruction. One cannot express their deeply held personal views for fear of being labeled a bigot, zealot, nut, extremist, and so on.

Restoring our religious freedom beings with repealing the Johnson amendment, that currently restricts the freedom of speech within churches. In its more extreme interpretation, churches today cannot even mention support or opposition for candidates or laws that run contrary to their beliefs for fear of losing their tax-exempt status. This is a flagrant violation of the first amendment, but because it supports a certain ideology it has remained in place for decades. At the very least the amendment needs reform, but we lack leaders with the courage to see this through. 

Additionally, the term "separation of church and state" has history been twisted in such a way as to presume our founding fathers intended state (government) business to be devoid of church or religious ideology. However, this is not the case. In fact, the first amendment simply implies that government should never interfere with religion as had been the case with Great Britain whom our nation fought to break away from. In Great Britain at that time and prior, the government had formed its own church and established rules that the government felt served its best interest. This was what our founding fathers never wanted to allow to happen again and in turn mentioned repeatedly that God was in fact the entity that endowed us with our natural rights.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress