Tax Reform

Firstly, America will continue to lose in the global economy until we reform our tax code to be competitive globally.  We must change the tax code that incentivizes companies to move overseas, taking jobs and American wealth with them. Additionally, loopholes must be closed that allow the highest earning companies to pay the least amount of taxes. A fair system must be developed, otherwise taxes will continue to rise choking the middle class out of existence. The middle class will bear the brunt of the tax burden and America will become a two-class society comprised of those few that are rich and the rest that are poor. This is the eventuality of socialism and unless we fix the disparity in our tax system, it will become an imminent reality. 

Secondly, we must simplify the tax code so that everyday Americans no longer fear doing their taxes.  An inordinate amount of money and time is spent every year just filing taxes. We need to make filing your taxes simple and painless. Simplicity is the key and despite numerous theories about taxation, concepts such as flat taxes are a must if we are to make the tax system work for the people and not special interests.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress