Term Limits

One of the single greatest impediments to a responsive government is the unlimited duration that a person can “serve” in that government. In other words, once elected they know barring some medical tragedy or illegal act, they will likely be in that office for a very long time. Something like 98% of incumbents in federal office win re-election. Once a person gets elected they focus more on the social club that has become Washington D.C., than on the representation people elected them for.  We need to implement a reasonable term limit.

Passing a constitutional amendment that would enact term limits for our federal government is a long shot. Most politicians like to make this promise because they know voters like to hear it, but it will almost certainly never happen. This is the way of Washington, makes promises you do not intend to keep or know you cannot keep. Nevertheless, I will fight endlessly to make this a reality. If it cannot happen with the politicians in Washington DC, I will turn to the American people to help make this a reality in order to end the corruption that plagues our nation’s capital.

Stelian Onufrei for Congress