As technology advances, it has made the ability for outsourcing American jobs easier than ever before. Our government has fallen years behind of these advances, which has had a major impact on American workers and the economy as a whole. We  Having leaders within government who are capable of making sense of the complexities involved in trade is now more important than ever.

With Stelian’s involvement in construction he understands the importance of trade more than anyone. He also realizes that there is a balance between the regulations put on trade while still assuring that the products we receive are safe and meet our high standards.

When it comes to trade, Stelian wants what’s best for the American people. He wants to create policies that encourage companies to keep jobs in the US and to increase our export rate. He also wants to assure that companies can afford to import products that Americans want and need.

Most trade policies today are unevenly balanced against the consumer, and even fewer are in favor of the US as a whole. Stelian believes that most of our trade policies are outdated and need renegotiated. He is confident in his ability to improve trade policies that are designed for the 21st century!

Stelian Onufrei for Congress